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Bring Your Shower Outdoors

July 24, 2019

Not just for resorts anymore! And more than just a place to rinse off after being in the pool or lake. Outdoor showers have become an extension of the home, typically located near a beach side entrance or master suite patio for easy access to inside. Here are some tips you need to know before incorporating an outdoor shower to your home.

Choose materials that are found in nature like stone or wood, something that will withstand the outdoor elements. Special care in plumbing is especially needed in our Minnesota climate, and water lines should be drained before freezing temperatures hit. The shower base should slope slightly so that water doesn’t pool and become a mosquito’s haven. Be sure to check your local building codes as water runoff can have a potentially negative impact to the habitat. And be conscious of the soaps and shampoos you use to ensure they are safe for the environment.

Nor-Son has been incorporating outdoor showers for many years in the northern lakes area where things are a bit more relaxed and there isn’t much concern for privacy on a large wooded lot. But they are gaining in popularity in the metro by creatively designing to conceal from potential onlookers. Here are a few to inspire.