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Grill Out Essentials

July 20, 2022

It’s currently the peak of Summer and we’re confident there’s no shortage of outdoor activities circulating in your life. Trips to the cabin, weekends on the lake, Summer activities for the kids, and neighborhood get-togethers are abundant this time of year, and with the weather at its finest, us Minnesotans know to take advantage of the outdoors while we can. Whether you call it a grill-out, barbeque, cookout, or anything else, there’s a good chance you will be firing up those charcoals sometime this Summer.

Cottage Tudor | Nor-Son Custom Builders
Cottage Tudor

Great outdoor entertaining spaces come in all shapes and sizes, that’s something we’ve come to know after building custom homes for over 40 years. Whether incorporating certain design elements is the most important to you or optimizing your space for large amounts of people, having an outdoor gathering space that caters to you and your family is what’s essential to us. Feeling inspired?

A popular theme that continues in popularity is blending indoor and outdoor spaces. When the weather is nice, why not open the doors and let the fresh air in? This design is popular because it makes moving between the kitchen and outdoor grilling area easy and accessible, especially for all of those times you forget the ketchup or grill brush. Opening your home also creates a larger space which can be beneficial if you need additional room when entertaining. Below you can see how this beautiful great room and kitchen open up to the outdoor patio space. This client articulated the importance of creating a multipurpose space that showcases beauty from the outside and within, as shown in these photos.

Adding A Backyard Grill

A backyard grill-out pairs perfectly with a beautiful view. Whether it’s a lake, pool, pond, or field, there’s nothing better than grilling on a Summer day with a beautiful backdrop. With careful planning and understanding the trajectory of your landscape, you can create an optimal outdoor space. Choosing the best location for your gatherings is vital to creating a welcoming and cheerful ambiance. With a lakefront view, plenty of seating, and easy access to the kitchen, this outdoor area is perfect for Summertime gatherings.

Indoor Grills For Your 4-Season Porch

Have you ever used an indoor grill? If so, you know why they are so popular. If not, let us show you some indoor grills that may spark some inspiration for your next new build or renovation project. Indoor grills are wonderful because we all know how Minnesota weather works in the Summertime, one minute it is sunny and 80, and the next there’s a thunderstorm rolling in. Plus, you extend your grilling season year-round! That’s one good reason why indoor grills are savvy, especially when grilling is your preferred cooking method. Indoor grills are quite the show-stopper. Like the photo below on the right from our 2022 Artisan Tour Home in Medina, this 4-season porch with the indoor grill was easily the most popular room in the entire house. 

No matter how busy our Summers may get, there is always time to gather with friends and family to share our grilled favorites. You bring the food… we’ll build the space.