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Technology is Changing Design & Building

January 11, 2019

Technology has been advancing at an unprecedented rate over the past few decades. What used to take days of manual labor can now be accomplished quickly and efficiently with the help of programs and software designed to improve communication and productivity. Social media platforms and 3D modeling, for example, have made the design process both interactive and much more efficient. At Nor-Son, we know the importance of building our creativity around the latest forms of technology and we’re excited to share those resources with our customers.  From the design stage to the end of construction, our elite teams implement and utilize the latest tech to keep you feeling great about your project while making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Inspiration at your fingertips. Design inspiration was once a daunting task due to the limited amount of resources available.  In the past, home owners and project teams would labor over magazines and home design books to find ideas for their own spaces and now it’s as simple as a touch of a button. Social media sites such as Houzz and Pinterest have become go-to resources when gathering inspiration for your design with thousands of images available at your fingertips. You can save those images to an idea book and share them with your architect, designer, and builder, so everyone is on the same page as to your vision and budget goals for your new home or renovation.

Take a tour before you build. Say goodbye to 2-dimensional floor plans and hello to the 3D world of Building Information Modeling, or BIM, an interactive platform which allows you to see your home in a virtual 3D model before a single shovel touches the dirt. This technology lets you visualize your home in a 3D model complete with building materials and finishes. Virtual Reality or VR technology takes this one step further allowing clients to take a virtual walk-through of their home, seeing everything in full size. By implementing this technology into the design process, you have the power to make decisions or changes with confidence at an early stage in the process thus avoiding costly changes during construction.

Onsite communication. One of the best ways to ensure potential problems are avoided is to have open lines of communication. Nor-Son utilizes cloud-based technology to make sure you and your team have the exact information they need at the moment the information is available, especially the onsite superintendent who is managing the vendors and subcontractors. Equipped with an iPad and iPhone, the superintendent can easily access information, log progress photos, and assure you that your design is being built exactly as it was intended.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the innovation we have baked into our design and construction process. As early adopters of these technologies, we have become much more efficient and fluent in the hardware and software necessary to run such expansive projects. At Nor-Son, we don’t just build your vision, we do it right the first time. Contact us today to see how we can make your building dreams a reality.