Deerfield Family Retreat

Project Overview

Behind every lake home is a great family, team and story. A family resort property was transformed into a multi-generational retreat to be passed down for years to come. Inspired by the “mom and pop” resort of the past, many elements from the main lodge and other cabins were salvaged to incorporate into the new home.

Maintaining quality while you’re not there. Building a family retreat eight hours away and in a different time zone can be daunting. Yet Nor-Son’s full-site superintendent was there to manage the entire process, from site mobilization all the way through final cleaning. At the end of each week, images of the progress were uploaded to a cloud-based program for the clients to view and to be assured everything was installed in a quality manner.

Recognition: State Award of Excellence Eagle Award, Associated Builders and Contractors; National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award, Associated Builders and Contractors

“It’s the small things, like bringing hard hats for our entire family to wear for the ground breaking and to keep for the duration of the project. Nor-Son set the tone of how this job site would be run.”

— Homeowner

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