Dining Room Ideas for All Intentions

As we look forward to gathering together for Thanksgiving dinner, what better time to share some creative ideas for designing the perfect dining room to fit any occasion our busy lives provide.  Whether it’s for a formal dinner or casual snack, the dining room is the perfect place to enjoy a favorite meal, reconnect with family and socialize with friends.  Each example we’re about to share reflects a unique design feature customized to make your dining space fit your lifestyle and your budget. Bon Appétit! 

Formal, Functional and Fabulous

Despite recent trends towards open concept living, formal dining rooms are still a popular request in custom home design.  Maintaining a designated spot to share a meal with family and friends is still a desired amenity and one we’ve found to be a unique opportunity to expand on the traditions of the past.   Features like custom cabinetry showcasing heirloom plates and vases passed down through generations, walls and ceilings with accents of wallpaper and beam moldings create texture and dimension drawn from historical architectural influence and built-ins hand-crafted with details of paneled doors and glass accents are a reminder of antique pieces created by craftsman of old.  All these features provide a new spin on classic design.   

Eat-In Excellence

If a formal dining room doesn’t fit your lifestyle, perhaps a nod to the comforts of more casual cuisine is in order.  Designed as an open extension to the kitchen, these eat-in style dinettes create ample space for cooking and dining in a more open, airy and welcoming interior.  Features like dramatic lighting, large area rugs and special ceiling treatments help visually separate the space while maintaining the connective flow.  Need more elbow room?   Incorporate a multi-slide patio door to expand your floor space into an attached screen porch to make summer entertaining a breeze.  Whatever your style, these casual atmospheres keep the family connected. 

Overhead Opulence

Architectural details make elegant statements in dining rooms and offer ample opportunity to showcase your design style. Rustic reclaimed timber combined with modern art and classic furniture gives a nod to the up-north lodge aesthetic while a detailed 12-piece crown molding surrounded by classic bead board paneling creates a crisp cottage-style vibe.  Need to add some pop to an elegant coffered ceiling?  Embellish it with gold faux texture accented by low-voltage up lighting providing an elegant glow to an already stunning detail.    

Sensible Separation

There are numerous options to create dining room separation yet maintain a functional connection to other areas of your home. A simple buffet between the kitchen and dining room maintains an open concept design perfect for buffet-style entertaining, and the onyx countertop adds dramatic lighting in the evening. A custom floor to ceiling hutch is beautiful and functional for serving guests. Finally, add warmth and ambiance with a two-sided stone fireplace between the great room and dining area.

What may be thought of as a thing of the past, dining rooms are making a come-back as a sacred space devoid of cell phones and screen time. A place to continue to gather together for holiday meals, family game night, or just a quick chat with friends over coffee. Find a design style that speaks to you and create a special place in your home to keep you connected and comfortable.