Everything Cabin

A Proven Cure for Cabin Fever!

It’s the middle of winter and many of us may be feeling a touch of cabin fever. To squash those winter blues, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite design trends that are “everything cabin” to get you dreaming about those warmer days and perhaps your next cabin project.    

A Legacy to Last a Lifetime.

Lake homes and cabins are much more vulnerable to Mother Nature than off-lake homes. Wind, moisture and cooler temperatures can wreak havoc on natural building materials. To combat the elements yet still provide a trendy, maintenance-friendly exterior, products such as exposed steel accents, powder coated metals and composite sidings are gaining in popularity.  To address similar concerns on the interior of your cabin, like when the grand-kids run in and out from the lake leaving a trail of sand and water behind, choosing wood grain tiles or LVP in lieu of real wood floors provide a beautiful, yet family-friendly finish.

A Shift in “Up North” Aesthetic.

Gone are the reds, greens and earthy jewel tones. Cabin design has begun to embrace a more sleek, minimalist and modern aesthetic using more whites, grays and taupe tones.  If you’re not into the “all white” trend, a great way to bring in a little punch of drama is by adding black window trims and accents or splashes of color on interior walls, cabinetry and doors.  It’s amazing how you can transform a space with a little paint, wallpaper or bold tile design making an ordinary cabin an extraordinary getaway.

A Space for All Ages.

The most important part of designing and building a lake home is to create a space for you to gather with friends and family.  But as your family starts to grow, you may want a special place where all the children can gather to hang out and just be kids.  The traditional bunkroom has always been that perfect spot, but today’s bunkrooms are taking on a whole new multi-purpose use.  Not only do they include multiple beds, but also areas for tv viewing and playing board games, beverage stations for snacks and drinks and even private laundry and bathroom connections for convenience.  Adding a decorative tile detail, wall treatment or trough sink will make the space fun, trendy and uniquely theirs.