Functional Kitchen Design: Top Pantry & Storage Solutions

Family Central, The Ultimate Kitchen Pantry. As the old saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you gather at the end of the work day to begin meal prep while kids do their homework. Where family gathers for a holiday feast and friends cheer on their favorite sports teams while munching on appetizers. It has become the ultimate hub so it’s no surprise that kitchen design has changed dramatically to accommodate today’s family dynamic.  

With the introduction of the open concept home design, the kitchen is now a major part of the main living space and busy moms want to keep it clean and beautiful.  So, what can be done to satisfy their daily cooking and food prep needs, be functional for keeping track of kid’s schedules and paying bills, while at the same time stay organized, stylish and on trend?  The solution? What we like to call Family Central, or the ultimate pantry and storage solution.  

This space, often adjacent to the kitchen, is designed to serve a multitude of purposes. A glorified pantry, the family central is not only designed to keep the kitchen beautiful, but to keep you connected to your family, stay organized, and find things easily. Add a desk for your laptop for easy access to an online recipe search or homework project, include compartmentalized drawer organizers for easily accessible snacks for those after-school munchies, or add a beverage fridge to keep those active kids hydrated and ready for practice.  Supersize the room by combining it with your laundry and you have a fully functioning workhorse.

Life gets busy, especially now with school starting. Keep your kitchen functional, organized and looking fabulous!