Playing Poolside: Tips for Pool Design

Tanager Hill

We can now say it’s officially Summer. The calendar says so, the weather says so, everyone says so. With the extreme heat that has found its way to the Upper Midwest, we can’t help but catch ourselves aimlessly scrolling through our photo archive admiring the beautiful pools at our client’s homes. From butting up to the lakeshore, to overlooking a backyard oasis, our client’s pools complement every family’s wants for their outdoor space.  

A pool and its accompanying area is an ideal gathering spot for friends and family during these warm Summer months, so we want to give you some tips and tricks to help you create your perfect poolside environment.  

When planning to build a pool on your property, a lot goes into it. You must design according to the trajectory of the landscape and the style of your home, all while making sure the pool is what you are looking for in terms of style and look. There are multiple types of pools, such as concrete pools, steel wall pools, indoor pools, and vinyl-lined pools.

Rectangle pool shapes are becoming more and more popular due to the painlessness of automatic pool covers. Pools with unique shapes can add additional appeal to an outdoor space, but nowadays people are leaning more towards accessibility and convenience with their pools. If you are thinking about adding a pool to your outdoor area, consider whether an easy-to-remove pool cover would be of importance in your design decisions.

When designing homes for our clients, pool rooms and large bathroom areas are popular to add with direct access to the pool. Proper drainage, easy access storage, and showers are commonly used in these rooms for guests to easily use while enjoying the pool. Sometimes small dryers for wet swimsuits are also included in these pool rooms, and they are always a hit! If pool rooms aren’t your style, pool houses are popular as well. Adding a pool house can keep your grill, bar, lounging, and bathrooms all in one secluded space away from your main home. Meaning, no mess!

Outdoor entertainment spaces with grills, seating, and outdoor bars are commonly included when designing pool areas. Many clients want to create a social environment that is fun for everyone and provides easy entertaining.

If you are one with a nod towards elegance and sophistication, pools can create a dream-like ambiance that is sure to wow your visitors. One way to achieve this is to create an infinity pool. These pools are popular when overlooking another body of water due to the design’s ability to make it look as if the pool is flowing into the body of water. There are many ways pools can add sophistication to an outdoor space with coordinating landscaping and decorating that enhances the pool. Many of these pools were contracted through Prestige Pools, a trusted vendor of Nor-Son Custom Builders! You can head over to their website here to learn more about them.

If you’re starting to design your new custom home or extensive renovation, think about adding a pool to your wish list, and create an atmosphere you can enjoy with family and friends.

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