Parisian Polished

Parisian Polished

Project Overview

A Paris apartment in the heart of Wayzata. Casual strolls through the Tuileries Garden, weekends “flea marketing” for objects d’art and sightings of architectural marvels of Le Marais cultivated what would bring this client’s French-inspired dream home to their Lake Minnetonka property. After living in and falling in love with France, the homeowners came with a strong vision and passion for design as well as thousands of photographs, Parisian relics and collected works of art from their time abroad. 

Design and construction in perfect harmony. Nor-Son and Eskuche brought high design and high-performance construction together to provide a legacy for the homeowner. This home is distinctly one-of-a-kind where Parisian apartment and Grand Chateau unite in perfect harmony.


Nor-Son, Inc.

Interior Design

Vivid Interior

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