Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is here and it’s time to ensure your home did not endure any damage over the winter. Here’s a checklist that covers a few key items for either you or your property manager to review this month.

HVAC Systems

  • Change your filters and adjust air exchanger.
  • Check general condition of the compressor and remove debris from around the compressor as necessary.
  • Check lines to and from compressor.
  • Check motor lubrication.
  • Check and clean blower compartment and fan blades.
  • Check air flow, registers, grilles, make sure air flow is unobstructed.
  • Hire a professional for a routine tune-up.


  • Check for any snow, ice and wind damage your roof.
  • Replace any missing or torn shingles.
  • Check for nails that may have popped out of the shingles.


  • Check lining, clean out soot, check for creosote buildup.
  • Check condition of masonry.


  • Check siding for loose or missing pieces, lifting or warping, and signs of mildew or moisture damage.
  • Check condition of flashing and caulking.


  • Check window locks, glass, and screens.
  • Clean glass and screens regularly.
  • Check weather stripping for damage and tightness of fit.
  • Clean debris and leaves from below-grade window wells and storm drains.
  • Examine trim for signs of damage or decay.
  • Check condition of glazing compounds and caulking.

Driveways, Walkways, and Concrete

  • Inspect for cracks, breaks, erosion, cold-weather damage and repair as needed.

Gutters & Downspouts

  • Look at gutters, downspouts, and splash-backs. Are they at the correct angle?
  • Run water from a hose into the gutter. Check water exist at downspout to ensure it is coming through and away from the foundation.
  • Clean out leaves, debris, and blockages as necessary.
  • Inspect general condition, including paint, color (fading), signs of rust, leaks, and loosening of hangers and clips.

Or Call the Experts!

Are you a client of Nor-Son Custom Builders? If so, our Service Division offers effective, year-round maintenance solutions for your home. Just as a well-running car can get the best gas mileage and keep you safe on the road, a properly maintained home will protect your investment and keep you comfortable and safe.

This proactive approach to regular maintenance prevents problems before they occur. Each Home Maintenance Plan is customized specifically for your home, and at a frequency that works for you.

Contact Lisa Lindstrom, our Building Services Manager, to learn more about our Home Maintenance Plans. | 218-828-1722