The Sentimental Porch

A Nostalgic Look Into Lake Life

Modern Farmhouse

You’ve grabbed your favorite blanket, a warm cup of coffee, and the sun is just peeking over the tree line across the lake. Nobody besides you and the birds are awake, and you swear you can feel the faintest touch of Fall floating into your screened-in porch. Looking around, you notice the weathered wood framing could use a repaint and the screens have a few too many pesky mosquitos caught in them. Just outside in the grass is a blow-up floaty shaped like a popsicle, a faded blue beach towel that was supposed to make it into the clothes hamper, and multiple pairs of seasoned flip-flops just on the other side of the screen door.  

Reflecting on yesterday’s activities, you realize it’s almost time to pack up the Lake House for the season and you can’t help but wonder, how is it already mid-August? Wasn’t it just the 4th of July? Even though time has seemed to dissolve into thin air, you know the time to close the cabin and prepare for heading south is just around the corner. You remind yourself that all of that can be done later and there’s still time to sit back, relax, and soak up the pristine lakefront view from your favorite room, the porch.  

In the great state of Minnesota, we are lucky to have a taste of all 4 seasons. From toppling over 100 degrees in mid-July, to burrowing into sub-zero temperatures throughout the winter, us Minnesotans are made for all types of weather and our homes are built to withstand these extreme changes. With over 10,000 lakes and a desire to spend as much time outdoors as possible, porches are popular additions to primary residences and lake homes here. Adding a porch to a home is a wonderful way to help bring the outside in to prolong our good weather before the harsh winter settles in. Porches are incredibly niche, everyone’s preferences towards their custom porch are specific, which is why according to our team, porches get more renditions and design changes than any other room in the house. That, and the at-home office.  

Timberglade Retreat

All-season, screened-in, or 3-season? The first decision can be the hardest and knowing what your porch’s desired use and intent is before working with an architect can save you an abundance of time and energy during the design process. Screens add that coveted nostalgic look, but sliding windows are easier to maintain and allow you to use into the colder months. Porches traditionally have been saved for “up north” cabins and lake homes, but modernism has crept its way into traditional porch design. We at Nor-Son Custom Builders have witnessed some amazing design elements in porch design including indoor grills, elevated sleeping areas, and easier indoor/outdoor access. 

A porch is seen as a gathering place, a cozy meeting spot for all family and friends to tell stories, laugh, and make new memories. It’s the entrance into your home from the lake, the best view from your favorite chair, and home to your morning coffee ritual. A porch has no rules or regulations, it’s the room in your home that you know will be sacred to everyone who lives there. This is a room that deserves full customization and personality, to be fully you.