Top 5 Reasons to Hire Your Builder During Design

One of the most common questions we hear from prospective clients dreaming of building a custom home is, when should we hire a builder? Below are our top 5 reasons why you should have your builder sitting at the table during your design meetings.

#1. Maintain the Value in Your Custom Home

With the level of detail in a custom home, it is extremely valuable to have the person who is going to build it sitting at the table with your architect and interior designer. Having an expert early in the process to help you navigate the build will give you the most value in your home. You’ll receive important cost information for the level of finish and selections you desire during the design process to help you make decisions. With your team on board from the start, the value stays in the home rather than having to cut items out because your plan is over budget.

#2. Value Added Recommendations

The clients of this home went through a formal interview process while design details were being finalized. They were able to make appropriate decisions on materials, finishes and mechanical options for a luxurious, custom home. Nor-Son Custom Builders provided added value by recommending Crystal Cabinetry based on the finish level of their painted products. Rather than hiring a painter to finish on site, the cabinets turned out beautiful, saving the client time and money, as well as glowing remarks from the architect. Decisions like this may not have happened within a traditional design-bid-build delivery.

#3. Site Planning Review

While architects will place your building on the site based on views, layout and curb appeal, a builder can provide valuable input on potential added costs based on the topography of your lot. They also have a keen understanding how the elements of nature can affect your home giving you direction on maintenance needs based on exterior material selections.

#4. Creative Solutions

In the Lakes Area, Nor-Son offers design and build under one roof with architects and designers working side by side with our builders. The homeowners of this Cedar Glen Estate worked with Nor-Son Custom Builders for 5 years designing and building a carriage house first that they could use while the rest of the estate’s buildings were being designed.

The couple took their time renovating a boathouse, building a cold storage garage, and then starting on the main home. A small creek ran through the middle of the property and obstructed the connection from the carriage house to the main house. The solution was to create a charming bridge over the creek that matches the architectural design of the buildings on the property. Another bonus for this Twin Cities based couple was saving valuable time during the 5-year relationship by meeting with their design-build team in Nor-Son’s Wayzata office. Time = money!

#5. Ground Breaking to Completion

Oftentimes just getting a hole in the ground is the most difficult part of the project. Permitting has become a major milestone for every custom builder. Open and honest communication on timelines between the client, architect, interior designer and builder establishes realistic deadlines. Tell your builder when you want to move in, and they can work the schedule backwards to establish deadlines. i.e. material selections, construction documents, and building permit.

At Nor-Son Custom Builders fall job starts are underway! Here’s a preview of several custom homes coming in 2022. Stay tuned!