Homeowners, <a class=Willow Knoll Pic">

Our experience building with Nor-Son was excellent. Having done numerous other construction projects in the past, we knew that their attention to detail was exceptional and they cared as much about the finished product as we did. They not only completed the project on-time but they continue to be incredibly responsive post-completion which is invaluable.

Homeowners, Willow Knoll

Homeowners, <a class=Cottage Tudor Pic">

We couldn’t have had a better experience building with Nor-Son! The project went very smoothly, the attention to detail was superb and the quality of work is second to none. We are forever grateful to Nor-Son for creating such a beautiful home for our family.

Homeowners, Cottage Tudor

Homeowners, <a class=Crafted Cottage Pic">

In a world of shortcuts, we could rely on Nor-Son to use only the best quality materials and construction methods, whether visible or not.

Homeowners, Crafted Cottage

Homeowners, <a class=Coastal Comfort Pic">

In the past 33 years, my husband and I have either built a house or done an extensive remodel a total of 7 times. Nor-Son is by far the best contractor we have ever worked with to create the home of our dreams. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and quality of work is unmatched.

Homeowners, Coastal Comfort

Homeowner, <a class=Mediterranean Modern Pic">

You [Nor-Son] promised and you delivered. On behalf of my family and myself, we would like to thank everyone involved in this project. What a great job you have done!

Homeowner, Mediterranean Modern

Homeowners, <a class=Modern Farmhouse Pic">

This land has been in our family since 1952 and has now passed to the 2nd generation. With Nor-Son, we have built a lasting home for this generation and the next, hoping to honor the land and our family’s history here. Nor-Son’s talented and attentive professional team strove to capture this history in design, craftsmanship and spirit. Our new home feels like we’ve been here for years.

Homeowners, Modern Farmhouse

Homeowners, <a class=Cedar Glen Pic">

We wanted to bring the outside in at every turn, so utilizing the outdoors was always critical to us. The entire team worked well together and put their ideas on the table. We had a lot of fun. They've become our friends.

Homeowners, Cedar Glen

Homeowners, <a class=Twilight Retreat Pic">

I have built 3 previous homes and this was by far the most enjoyable.

Homeowners, Twilight Retreat

Homeowner, <a class=Historic Stone Manor Pic">

The schedule was aggressive and pushed the whole team. Patience is required when you work with a detail related company. Nor-Son managed this well. We have a wonderful outcome and a work of art.

Homeowner, Historic Stone Manor

Dan Nepp, AIA, TEA2 Architects, <a class=Ten Aker Wood Pic">

The craftsmanship was of the highest caliber we have encountered. Nor-Son performed with a positive, can-do attitude on some very technically challenging areas, including compound curved construction, complex configurations and tight tolerances.

Dan Nepp, AIA, TEA2 Architects, Ten Aker Wood

Homeowners, <a class=Reclaimed Estate Pic">

Trees around the site were so thoroughly protected that it took three hours for our supply truck to carefully back out of the quarter-mile trail.

Homeowners, Reclaimed Estate

Homeowners, <a class=Bohemian Log Pic">

We were amazed by the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail your personnel executed, bringing our dream to life. We are very proud to share this beautifully crafted home with our friends and family for years to come.

Homeowners, Bohemian Log

Homeowners, <a class=Custom Comfort Pic">

Lofted above the four-car garage, an unexpectedly charming space welcomes guests with a cozy kitchenette, an inviting living room, bedroom and bath.

Homeowners, Custom Comfort

Homeowners, <a class=Crafted Cottage Pic">

The unique woodwork found throughout the home represents our passion and poetically mirrors the northern forest where many of the species were originally harvested.

Homeowners, Crafted Cottage

Homeowners, <a class=Arts & Crafts Home Pic">

Every person who visits our house, whether from New York or New Delhi, comments on its unique features and craftsmanship. Thank you so much for bringing 1917 back to life on our long-time family property.

Homeowners, Arts & Crafts Home

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