Award-Winning Builder?

Award-Winning Team!

Northern Light Cottage

We are honored to have been voted Best Home Builder in the Brainerd Lakes Area for the 3rd time! Since winning this award, we’ve frequently been asked – what does it take to win? We thought about the question and realized it could be a long and complicated answer, so we asked our amazing staff, industry partners and clients for their feedback. Winning this award three times takes a village, and we’re beyond thankful for the support we’ve received. With the feedback, we have compiled a list of answers to share with you. This list is in no particular order, and if you’re looking for the simple answer to what it takes to be voted Best Home Builder in the Brainerd Lakes Area, skip to the end! 

Relationships with clients and industry partners

The relationships we establish between us, our clients, our partners, and our vendors is something we take pride in at Nor-Son Custom Builders. Relationships here are not seen as transactional, it’s understood that they go beyond checking off a list and meeting goals. It’s important to us that our clients feel comfortable and secure in their decision to build with our team.

“We have designed and built before but this experience with Nor-Son and David Charlez Designs has been our best by far. You guys really listened and just got us from the start. There was nothing to even tweak from the original plans. We had an aggressive schedule from the beginning and we are a month ahead of that. My wife and I thank you so much for making this such a fun and positive experience”.

Nor-Son Custom Builders Client

Beyond client relationships, we value the relationships we have with our partners. Crafting the perfect team for a project isn’t something we can do alone, so creating and maintaining strong relationships with our industry partners is essential to a successful and enjoyable project for all. 

“Nor-Son Custom Builders is a genuine pleasure to work with. They put together a collaborative team, in which the architect, interior designer, project manager, foreman and contractors work together to provide problem-solving solutions to build their clients the home of their dreams.  Their organized approach, attention to detail, superior customer service and quality craftsmanship make the process run smoothly and efficiently.  The building process can be stressful, but Nor-Son works diligently to make the process an easy and enjoyable experience for their clients.”

Studio M Interiors
Tanager Hill

Employees who love their jobs

Our company would not be where it is today without our employees. We strongly believe that we have the best people and can configure the best team for each project. We’re honored to continuously draw incredible talent and successfully recruit the industry’s best. Professionalism is at the forefront of every interaction we have at Nor-Son Custom Builders and we believe that is a large reason why we have been rewarded this title three times now.

Lasting Value

Value is created in a multitude of ways. A Nor-Son Custom Builders home is a home we know our clients will be proud of, and when they build with us, they understand why. The attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship, and client-oriented process we go by is one that will leave clients with more than just their dream home. When we build for someone, we build a relationship that isn’t found elsewhere.

Longstanding reputation

Being voted as the Best Home Builder in the Brainerd Lakes Area is something we feel passionate about because the Brainerd Lakes Area is where we were founded back in 1978. Since our beginning we’ve stood by our promise of delivering the best in the industry. Throughout the years we have grown, expanded, and developed into a trusted builder with a reputation for authenticity and quality. Our systemized process has been time tested again and again, now mastered to deliver our clients the most transparent and enjoyable homebuilding process in Minnesota.

In the end, it’s not so complicated after all. Providing great clients the best experience and best outcome possible is the backbone of everything we do. You know you’re taken care of when you walk through the doors at Nor-Son Custom Builders, and that’s why we’ve been voted Best Home Builder in the Brainerd Lakes Area for the 3rd time.  

From all of us at Nor-Son Custom Builders, thank you!