Brick is Back

And not just for wine rooms!

With the rise of modern farmhouse design and a shift to a more industrial chic aesthetic, brick has made a strong come-back and has become a staple for today’s home interiors.  Not only is it a timeless finish with structural qualities that rival any low-maintenance product, its simplistic beauty transcends all architectural genres.  Here are some examples of ways you can transform your space with this enduring material.   

Timeless Tradition

Given its historical significance and fireproof qualities brick has often been the first choice for a fireplace interior, but recent trends have shown that its timeless quality makes it perfect for the exterior façade as well.  The subtle texture and variation in color compliment the coastal finishes of this urban sophisticated home bringing in a design element not traditionally paired with this architectural aesthetic.

Aesthetic Influence

Brick’s universal appeal makes it a staple building material throughout the globe and a great finish for bringing unique architectural influences from other parts of the world into your own home. The brick barrel-vaulted ceiling on the left is complimented by wood timber accents transforming a Midwestern kitchen into a Tuscan culinary oasis worthy of any home-style Italian feast. In the Summer Kitchen, a herring-bone pattern of traditional red and burgundy tones was incorporated to contrast the bold patterns and pops of color creating the backdrop for an old-world Irish pub vibe.

Focal Point Facade

Exposed brick walls add character to any room by serving as a focal point or backdrop.  The aesthetic can be either industrial or rustic, coastal or contemporary depending on the material and application.  For example, this 2-story white-washed brick wall is a great backdrop to an open-air steel stairway with wood slab treads giving the front entry of this river home an industrial aged appearance. 

In contrast, a more traditional brick finish complimented by white cabinets, ship-lap ceilings and steel collar ties give this upper level office space a modern cottage flare.

Bold Backsplash

If an entire wall of brick is not your taste but a subtle hint of texture is what you’re looking for, a kitchen backsplash is the perfect way to introduce brick into your home décor.

By adding a hint of distressed glamour to this rustic kitchen, we’ve elevated the design beyond the ordinary.  The textural irregularity of pattern contrasted by the uniformity of scale adds interest and beauty to this transitional design.  This kitchen is a great example of how the beauty of brick can transform any room into a timeless masterpiece. Visit Twilight Retreat to see more of this lakeside cottage.