Top 5 Flooring Trends

It’s no secret that flooring is often one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner must make when designing their dream home or remodel.  Do you go for function and durability while sacrificing style? Or do you throw caution to the wind and choose that hardwood that will look absolutely amazing, but may prove to be a maintenance nightmare in the end?  Thanks to advancements in today’s flooring technology and most designer’s willingness to think outside the box, your choice just became easier. A remarkable amount of diversity in both product and aesthetic has emerged in today’s marketplace thus creating our top 5 flooring trends for 2020! 

Vinyl Versatility

Is it real or is it fake?  That’s what most people are asking about our 1st design trend, the popularity of composite flooring materials manufactured to look like wood.  Boasting both durability and an attractive price tag, luxury vinyl products like LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) are overtaking the real wood floor market by offering a low maintenance alternative with a high level of style.  Through a wide range of colors, species and even textures, these wood plank alternatives are rarely mistaken for the real thing.  

Nature’s Neutrals

A nod to the nostalgic, our 2nd trend has exploded onto the market with the popularity of farmhouse chic.  The reintroduction of more blonde-tone woods like rustic white oak, give your space a natural flare but through a softer more neutral palette.  A little too relaxed for you?  Amp up the style factor, with marble countertops and retro lighting and you’ve transformed a traditional kitchen into a high-style space for family meals and entertaining.

Pattern Perfection

Our 3rd flooring trend requires some creativity and design ingenuity.  Flooring has emerged as a major player in creating a statement within a room and thus more attention is being paid to the design and detail of the installation.  Whether you picture frame a dining room inlay or add a herring-bone pattern to a hallway gallery the possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind design element with flooring are endless.

Beautifully Bold

If you desire a pop of interest and dimension worked into your interiors, you’ll fall in love with our 4th flooring trend. From basic black and white to a wild array of color and pattern, geometric tiles are an extremely popular option to bring an edgy style to just about any room in your home.

The Marvel of Marble

Marble floors, our 5th trend, has been in style for centuries transforming any space into one of refined luxury. But like natural wood floors, marble can be an expensive choice exceeding the budgets of most homeowners.  With the introduction of lesser expensive vinyl, ceramic and composite options that emulate the veining and character of marble, homeowners are starting to live that lavish lifestyle without the lavish price tag.