Luxury Garages & More

Your home is one of the most important pieces of your life. A beautiful and well-designed home can make your time spent there feel like a vacation. At Nor-Son Custom Builders, we know the importance of making beautiful and functional homes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Come see our work yourself on Friday, September 7th through Sunday, September 9th on the Lakes Area Home Tour! This tour highlights the best builders in the Brainerd Lakes area and we are proud to display our luxury garages across many of the constructions.

Luxury Garages

Join us from September 7th-9th at the Lakes Area Home Tour to see our beautifully crafted custom luxury garages in action. Each one of these luxury garages is custom built and designed to reflect the owner of these properties. If you are a car buff and want a place that does much more than store your beautiful pieces, these garages are for you. With custom lifts, viewing areas, and entertaining spaces, these garages do much more than store your old lawn mower!

We spend our lives saving and working to enjoy the things we have earned, and there is no better way to do that than in the comfort of a Nor-Son built custom garage. Regardless of if you love your cars or if you just like to have that space to yourselves, these garages serve as a private retreat that you can truly take pride in.

Who We Are

As a company, we at Nor-Son Custom Builders are dedicated to providing unparalleled craftsmanship and quality in all of our constructions. Our custom homes are designed to stand the test of time, with high-quality materials used in every step. Not only that, but our elite team of designers in the lakes area brings style to the overall functionality of our builds. Every single Nor-Son Custom home is built to your specifications and desires. If you have a dream, we can make it happen.

Our builds follow three basic steps: design, build, and maintain. Whether working with your architect or ours, Nor-Son homes are designed to be both long lasting as well as elegant, utilizing your preferred architectural and design choices to create stunning homes. We are proud of every home we have built, the Nor-Son stamp of approval means that your home will last a lifetime. Once we have worked out the design with you, we build your home exactly to your desired specifications. You can be as involved or removed as you want, this is your home from the moment we start .. Once the project is done we offer routine maintenance, after all, who better to maintain your home than the people who poured their heart and soul into building it!

Nor-Son Custom Builders is synonymous with excellence and we are proud of every build we put together. If you have a vision, we can build it. If you have always wanted a home that you can be proud of as your legacy, look no further than Nor-Son Custom Builders. Come see our designs in action on September 7th-9th at the Lakes Area Home Tour! We will see you there!