Homebuilding Industry Trends for 2021

A New Culture in Home Building

As the tumultuous 2020 year comes to an end, we all seem happy to wave goodbye and bring in 2021. As families and couples huddled in their homes to take shelter from a world pandemic, home remodeling projects and new construction boomed.

This new culture of working from home, schooling from home, and “everything from home” has made us all realize we want and need more out of our residences. It’s amazing how a lockdown can affect how people and families become aware of how they use their home, and it’s different than ever before.

People need their home to “do” a lot more and function differently, placing added pressure on space and room importance. Home offices, exercise rooms, and sport courts, are just a few spaces that have evolved rapidly, bringing couples and families together. Theses spaces are working hard to make people feel more comfortable and productive where they live, work and play…home.

With our two convenient locations in Baxter and Wayzata, we have witnessed how each market has changed. People are deciding to move to the cabin, renovate or rebuild, to make the lake home function just like home, with modern amenities of work and play combined. Others are choosing to stay put and expand their homes to accommodate family life at home.

To accommodate the changing needs of “cabin” life, our in-house architects, designers, and carpenters are streamlining the design/build process to redefine spaces. Larger guest suites and bunkrooms for grandchildren have beverage stations and TV areas to keep families together but not on top of one another. Separate office space supports private web conferencing for all remote workers in the home.

In the Metro, we continue to collaborate with some of the finest architects and design partners in the area to successfully deliver extraordinary custom homes within this demanding and competitive market. We were fortunate to have two modern designed homes in the popular Artisan Home Tour event this past year. We hope many of you had the chance to visit, if not, check out the videos for Minnetonka Modern and Minnesota Modern.

Justin Berg, General Superintendent (front) and Andy Johnson, Superintendent (back center) with crew on Whitefish Chain jobsite.

Our success is driven by our people…creating the best value for our clients. Our teams work hard…they are responsible, honest and driven to do their best each day. They are building your home as if it were their own.

But don’t take our word for it. Our clients have been raving about our team for over 42 years.

We’re looking forward to 2021 and will continue to stay safe and strong while we deliver the best experience ever for our clients. Our team is ready to help you and your family stay safe and comfortable together well into the future.

Happy Holidays and a Better New Year!