Wall of Windows

Bring on Summer with Grand Views!

As summer nears, excitement builds, and the longing for lake-centric activities grows day by day. As Minnesotans, we understand that lake life is almost synonymous with the Lake Minnetonka name for many reasons. Lake Minnetonka has hosted many generations of family get-togethers and is a generous host for memorable Fourth of July festivities and picturesque sunset cruises. The hum of water sport enthusiasts creates enticing background noise as the warm sun blankets the shimmering blue water…it’s an honor in our state to own a slice of lakeshore.  

That said, it sometimes becomes easy for lake residents to take the alluring natural landscape for granted, especially when they call it home. As a custom home builder who has many clients on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, a sure way to continue one’s enchantment with the lake is to incorporate a vast wall of windows.  

Birch Bluff Escape

Natural Light and Scenic Views

Windows bring natural light into the home that creates a bright and airy interior that mimics the outdoors. Floor to ceiling and often expanding a full two stories, a window wall offers a seamless connection to nature, the chance viewing of wildlife, or sometimes simply keeping an eye on the children. In luxury lake homes, the beauty of the lake habitat takes center stage with panoramic views of picturesque landscapes. 

Multi-level Californian: Situated at the base of a bay, this home on Lake Minnetonka has a corner wall of windows to capture the lake view. 

Mississippi Modern: This modern home has floor to ceiling windows on each level to give every room a waterfront view. 

Connection to the Outdoors 

By blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, window walls create a seamless connection to the outdoors. Both modern and traditional designs, single or two story, the architectural statement you can curate through windows is timeless. Transom style clerestory windows are perfect for a cottage look, where large seamless panes complement the sleek modern aesthetic.  

A well-designed window wall can serve as a striking architectural feature from the exterior as well like these luxury homes.   

Nor-Son Custom Builders works with high-grade glass and framing materials from professional window suppliers to ensure window walls are of the best quality and energy efficient. Overall, a wall of windows is an elevated design choice for maximizing natural light and alluring views of lake or prairie into your new custom home.  

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