Break Free From Cabin Fever

Ideas to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

With all the snow we’ve received during this icy Minnesota winter, many of us are feeling like summer will never arrive on Lake Minnetonka. But, we believe that is even more reason to spark some excitement for what’s ahead. Springtime can feel like a resurgence, a new beginning, and it’s hard to deny that Spring Fever exists when that tinge of emotion in your chest can’t be tamed. The school year isn’t quite over yet, but it seems to fly by after Spring Break, and soon enough the kids will be out for the Summer. Between the excitement of warmer weather, the school year coming to an end, and planning your family’s summer vacation activities, there is plenty to dream about for your space at home.

Multi-Level Californian

We’re seeing a common theme spreading around the metro area, with one room gaining significant attention… the screened porch. This room has become much more than a room with a door that slammed each time the kids ran down to the lake for a swim, it has evolved into a true extension of the home that can be used year-round. From Lake Minnetonka to Stillwater, porches are becoming a staple for lake homes.

With it almost time to clean the dust (or snow) off and get the porch ready, we’re here to say that porches are a hot-topic in the custom home realm and have been for years. There are many ways to execute the perfect porch, and the basis of that execution stems from you knowing your goals for the space. Do you want to use it for entertaining guests? Are you wanting the porch to be where you enjoy your morning coffee while looking out at the pristine waters of Lake Minnetonka? Is it where you want to binge watch your current Netflix show on a stormy evening?

For example, this 3-season porch can be used for many different occasions. Our clients wanted versatility in their outdoor space, and this porch is all that. With a built-in grill and pizza oven, our clients are able to enjoy delicious food overlooking the lake while keeping an eye on the kids as they swim in the pool.

For these clients, having a 4-season porch was a must-have in their new home. To enjoy the space year-round, our clients incorporated fun entertainment amenities like a wood burning fireplace and built-in indoor grill. Bi-folding doors open completely to the kitchen creating easy access to grilling ingredients and keeps conversation flowing while entertaining. This 4-season porch provides the perfect space to either cozy up in the winter months by the warmth of the fireplace, or open the windows and let the summer breeze fill the room. The room’s ability to rapidly adjust is perfect for the ever-changing Minnesota weather!

Are you looking for more porch inspiration? Check out our past blog, The Sentimental Porch.

If you’re looking to build a pool side cabana, this home will spark the imagination and make the wheels start to turn. Our client was interested in having their “pool-meets-lake” experience taken to the next level. A cabana can have multiple uses, with one of those uses being entertainment. A great way to ensure your family and guests will happily enjoy themselves at your home is adding plenty of room to sit, stand, and eat when the drinks start flowing and the food comes off the grill. A cabana adds extra storage, bathrooms, and room to create more memories with those you love. Get inspired for your cabana by taking a look at our Forever Estate project below. 

Forever Estate

You may be thinking, “If I’m on the lake, why have a pool?”. Pools are incredibly popular among our clients on Lake Minnetonka. The lake is beautiful, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes taking a swim in a pool is more appealing to those who may not enjoy seaweed of fish. A pool gives you options. The option to either take the boat for a cruise or lounge poolside and soak up the sun. Having the option between staying hassle free at home or exploring the lake is a luxury our clients love to have. Below are some photos of our clients’ pools overlooking Lake Minnetonka. Plus, they’re beautiful to look at.

If you’re ready to talk about your new lakeside home or are interested in adding a beautiful porch to your existing home, we would love to connect. Fill out a message form through the following link, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.