Five Pinterest-Worthy Lake Home Designs

You’ll want to pin these ideas to your board!

It’s peak lake season and if you’re like us, over the last month your Instagram feed has been filled with everyone you know soaking up the sun at the lake. You can’t help but admire the beautiful homes they are vacationing at as you scroll, saving their posts for when you build a house someday, knowing those posts will get lost in a sea of photos when you go searching for them again. Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, keeping your design inspiration organized can be a hassle when you’re on multiple sites. In saying that, July has us feeling inspired to showcase our top 5 Pinterest-worthy lake home designs for you to pin directly to your board. Pin our photos directly to your Pinterest board by hovering over the photo and clicking on the Pinterest icon!

Hanging Day Beds

Sipping your morning coffee, relaxing in the summer breeze, or kicking your feet up after a sun-filled day on the lake, take a day bed and elevate it to become Pinterest-worthy simply by hanging it. Yes, suspending the daybed from the ceiling is a comfortable way to lounge while also keeping the design intact. As shown in the photos, these Pinterest-worthy designs are a must-have for those who want to make the most out of relaxing by the lakeshore.  

Light Up Your Outdoor Space

Building a lake home is building memories. It’s building and creating spaces for you and your loved ones to gather and enjoy. Curating a place that will encourage countless conversations and laughs is something that takes time and planning. A part of creating such a place is encompassing a warm and welcoming environment both inside and outside like this Northern Light Cottage, built in conjunction with Rehkamp Larson Architects, pictured below. Through thoughtful attention to detail, our clients created a perfect Pinterest-worthy outdoor space that can be enjoyed for generations.  

More of Northern Light Cottage

Lakeside Pools

Lakeside pools not only make your home Pinterest-worthy, but they are also functional. Pools are enjoyed by people of all ages and can bring a new level of depth to your outdoor space. Plus, water temperatures in Minnesota can sometimes be frigid and uninviting. An outdoor pool can extend the season into fall no matter what the temperature is outside, especially with a neighboring cabana and fireplace to warm up next to.  

Outdoor Showers

If you’re looking for designs to implement that don’t top the popularity charts in Minnesota but still create that wow-factor, you might want to Pin this! Outdoor showers are a great way to add interest to your outdoor space while also being functional. Whether it’s the kids coming home after a long day on the boat, or your dog after multiple jumps off the dock, outdoor showers are a great way to keep the mess outside rather than throughout your lake home. 

Bunk Rooms

As we previously mentioned, lake homes have immense opportunity to create life-long memories for the entire family. It’s a landing place for multi-generational loved ones from all over the country to gather and enjoy the summer together. If that’s your intended use for your lake house, adding a bunk room for the kids is a must-have. The ability to comfortably host your loved ones grows to new heights with the addition of a bunk room.

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