Home Ideas to Get You Through the Winter

It’s no surprise that by the time February comes around we are looking for Spring on the horizon. Here in Minnesota, the winters are long and even though we know how to bundle up and embrace the cold, sometimes staying warm in the comfort of your home sounds like the best option. That being said, staying inside for too long can lead to boredom and cabin fever. Don’t fret – we have a handful of ideas to help make your home entertaining and enjoyable when enduring the long Minnesota winters.

Minnesota Modern

When the windchill is in the negatives and the kids have no interest in going outside, where do they go? Are they in the kitchen with you, or playing countless hours of video games? Incorporating a sport court or a workout room into your home is a great way to provide your family an outlet for pent up energy during the winter months.

Sport courts allow your children to not only play, but also practice their sports at all times of the year. We’ve seen sport courts with soccer and volleyball nets, basketball hoops, and even rock-climbing walls.

Having a full sport court isn’t necessary for everyone, that is why we love at-home gyms. Whether you’re into running, Pilates, weight training, or yoga, you can customize your at-home gym to accommodate your preferences.

How nice would it be to sit in your private sauna after a hard workout? In home saunas are becoming increasingly popular. Their health benefits, along with their naturally relaxing properties, make them a great escape to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

If the thought of incorporating relaxation into your home sparks your interest, hot tubs are also a great way to sit back and relax. Adding a hot tub creates a perfect at-home oasis and that’s also great for the kids.

If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your family and friends, a home theater or game room might be worth exploring. Make movie nights that much more of an immersive experience with movie theater seats, surround sound, and a large theater-style screen. Access to multiple streaming services and thousands of TV shows and movies gives you the ability to watch anything you want from the comfort of your home without the hustle of heading out to a theater.

Arcade style game rooms are also a sure way to keep your family busy during the winter. You can curate your at-home game room into anything you want by adding gaming systems you know your family will use and enjoy. This space can also be used for entertaining, depending on your goal. Add a game table and a bar to create more of a lounge, or keep it young with a classic Pac-Man arcade machine.

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From sport courts, to saunas, to movie theaters, to hot tubs, one of the many perks of building your own home is that you truly get to customize it any way you want. If you’re feeling inspired and want to view more from us, follow us on our social media channels.

If you’re ready to take the next step and start talking about building your dream home, reach out to Eddie Near, he would love to talk about bringing your dream to life.